Additional Inspections - Ken Winnik NJ Home Inspections
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WDI Termite inspections are conducted by looking at every aspect of the home and property. We are looking for evidence of wood-destroying insects and possible structural damage. We provide more information regarding how to tell if your home has termites in our blog.


Radon testing is required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that can seep into your home. It can enter the home through tiny cracks in the foundation and other smaller openings throughout the home. Ken Winnik NJ Home Inspections provides radon testing and further information regarding how radon enters the home and a map illustrating the highest and lowest potentials for radon by county.


Swimming pool and spa inspections can be conducted as part of a home inspection package. If the pool is not “open” due to the season, it is not possible to inspect. We are checking for equipment failures/diagnostics, leaks, finish, handrails, ladders, electrical, timers, filters etc. We are not looking at water chemistry, pressure testing or winterization of the pool. Please contact us with any specific questions you may have.
We strive to provide you with a thorough home inspection to ensure your satisfaction and help you anticipate the value of your investment. Save money with a home inspection by knowing and understanding every aspect of your purchase. Ken Winnik is a home inspector providing a service for homeowners throughout Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, Farmingdale, Brick Township, Toms River,  and more.